Customer Reviews

G Corsoro Client, Buyer
Let’s be honest, buying a house is a painful series of jumping through hoops to get information that can’t possibly be of any real use. About the only way to mitigate this pain, is to get yourself a highly skilled, ultra compassionate, real estate agent.
I was lucky enough to get Heather Milbourn to walk me through this maze. She pretty much held my hand through each of the steps: financing; inspection; insurance; and closing. Had she not been there to calm the waters every time a mortgage representative or home inspector sought some inane additional piece of info, I would have walked away from the deal.
She’s smart, professional, quick to respond, and actually cares whether or not you get the house you want AND need. I’ve purchased several homes in my lifetime. Heather was the best agent I’ve ever worked with.
Tom & Lee Anne Boyle Client, Buyer
I would highly recommend Heather to anyone needing a real estate professional in her region. She listened attentively to what we were looking for and helped focus our search, while at the same tIme counseling us on laws and regulations so that we were educated buyers.
Heather is also very personable. As such, she easily interacts well with sellers and their agents, but never looses sight of her clients’ interests. It was a pleasure having Heather as our agent
K Client, Buyer
Heather was fantastic in helping us buy a foreclosure. She listened to our needs and helped us determine what we were really looking for (which is not always what you first think you are looking for!) and, despite our smaller budget, was enthusiastic, professional, and efficient. We highly recommend her!
Ashley Client Buyer
I just purchased my first home and actually went through a number of agents before I stumbled upon Heather. She made my boyfriend and I feel completely comfortable through the whole process and had nothing but patience and our best interest at heart. I would highly recommend her to anyone, she is wonderful!!

Jon & Renee strandloff

Jon &I were living in A.Z. Jon was being transford to FL, luckey for us we found Heather,she did all the leg work for us.  We found s house and she drove 1hour to look at it for us,she did this 5times for us,Need I say more? Heather is the best! We will be calling her soon as we are will be looking again closer to work
But one things for sure it will be Heather
Dilyan Client, Buyer
I was a out of state buyer and did not knew any thing about Florida Real Estate Market. I care mostly about personality and superior communication Heather, exceed my expectations by far in both categories. She is very patient coherent and friendly person and a great listener( despite my panic attacks). She took effort in understanding what are my requirements and personally select every house that we visit( unlike some other agents that simply rely on search engines). Moreover she went the extra mile to personally visit properties I liked and created a interactive tour, which helped greatly to my choice( being a out of state buyer).
She guided me through the buying process and provided a superior communication at any moment. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone who’s looking to buy a property in the Tampa/St. Pete area!

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