Ready To Sell ?

Getting Ready To Sell – How Much is Your Home Worth ?- What are the Costs ?  Call Me I Will Answer All of Your Questions
So you have decided to make the move, upsize, downsize, change of scenery whatever your reason your ready to sell your home……or are you?
One of the top Real Estate Millionaires has told us that buyers will make a decision on whether to buy your house within 10 seconds of walking through the door!  What does your house say to buyers in 10 seconds?
Take a look around and see how you score:          
  • The entrance is the first thing that potential buyers will see  does your entrance say welcome, is it clean and tidy, does the door need a fresh coat of paint, this area will be seen as a reflection of the rest of your home.
  • Is the Fido the family dog rushing your visitors at the door and offering them a nice sloppy lick or nibbling at their ankles, not  what they are here for, lets concentrate on selling your home so make arrangements for your pets when showing your home.
  • Potential buyers will want to able to picture themselves living in your home so pack away the memorabilia and personal photo’s lining the walls, and when you open up all of that space give the walls a fresh clean look with some new paint.
  • Cleanliness is a big deal do not believe anyone who says it isn’t and a few nice fresh aromas do make a difference, so go ahead bake a cake or just break out the air freshener.
  • Most importantly use  a local Real Estate Agent that will list your home at the right price and give you the exposure that you need to sell
  • When the right buyer comes along they will want to know what your plans are , Do you have a new home already or are you thinking of renting, have a plan and be ready.
These are just a few simple things that will get you a few steps ahead, Contact Me for More Information or any questions that you may have
I look forward to working with you

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